Reach YOUR Peak! Inside Scoop #8

RYP CoverOver the last couple of weeks I have been blogging about my new book “Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success!” and sharing excerpts of the 16 chapters with you. RYP is the culmination of four years of research and training that I have done and I’m very proud of the result!

The book can be read easily in a weekend but I encourage you to read each chapter and then reflect on the note section and “to do list” that you’ll find. Many of the suggested activities involve you talking with others who know you well and with peers in your workplace or industry. Treat each chapter like a mini-workshop and fully complete it before moving on to the next. RYP is built like a house – foundation, walls, roof, interior completion and finishing touches. Follow the plan, grow your knowledge and then move ahead to the next phase.

Today, we’ll conclude the book by taking a look at Chapters 15 and 16:

Chapter 15 – “Review”

This chapter does exactly what the title implies – it reviews and takes stock of the journey so far and gives specific actions for the remainder of the climb up your mountain. Within the chapter I discuss next steps that include creating your “green line” of success by implementing and living vividly the VOWELS tenets. Next the goal is to create a SWOT for you and your company and to fully understand the terrain ahead. I implore the reader to use their Tools for Success and create a specific and targeted business plan – and then learn to live by it!

The book has many acronyms in it, and I end Chapter 15 with one more:

“You know me pretty well by now, and you know I couldn’t let you put this book down without one more acronym. You’ve “survived” in the past, and that’s okay. I gave you some real practical advice on how to “thrive” in the future. But CEOs have one more level than that to climb. Over the course of the next 12 months, I want you to “strive” to reach higher, to go farther, to be what you’ve always wanted to become and to truly REACH YOUR PEAK!

Here’s an acronym to help you STRIVE:

S – STUDY your SWOT. Magnify your strengths and opportunities!

T – THINK like a CEO!

R – RECOGNIZE where you are now!

I – INVEST time in your mission/vision statements!

V- VALUE your experiences and learn from them!

E – ENVISION your best year ever in the 12 months ahead!”


Chapter 16 – “The Final Stage of the Climb”

In the final section, chapter 16, the discussion turns to one of the most vibrant and electric discussions in the book. In fact, this section has spawned dozens of workshops, seminars and keynotes with most of them entitled “Climbing Your Personal Mountains.” The basis of the final climb chapter is a new use of the VOWELS – this time I turn them into seven essential climbing tools that you must have to climb any mountain effective, efficiently and safely.

The tools I relate to the VOWELS are anchor, ascender, carabiner, hammer, helmet, harness and rope. You can take other tools and items up the mountain, but you aren’t going anywhere without these seven. There is a looming challenge with climbing a mountain, especially the ones in the Western part of the United States, that’s not related to your tools or your ability to pull and scrape and claw your way up the rocky face of the façade. The looming danger comes in the form of mountain goats – big, strong, powerful and nasty creatures who are very territorial and don’t want you on their mountain!

In this case, your personal mountain will also have mountain goats on it and you have to be ready to take them on and win:

“Why are we talking about mountain goats? Because even on your personal mountain, you will encounter them- in many forms, for many reasons, and sometimes without any warning! Your mountain goats may not be as big as real ones, but they are just as territorial, just as mean-spirited, and just as determined to end your ascent to new heights.

The mountain goats you will encounter on your journey will come at you in the form of: jealousy, fear of change, negativity, uncooperativeness, rude behavior, differing opinions, setbacks in timing, slow to come results, ruffled feathers, “the way we’ve always done it,” and many more shapes and sizes. And no matter how you try to avoid them, your mountain goats will occasionally win.”

I hope you’ve enjoy reading the excerpts from Reach YOUR Peak in this blog series! To order the book or the E-book now, go to my website at and look for the link on the Homepage or go to the Products page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at


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