Reach YOUR Peak! Inside Scoop #4


RYP CoverOver the next couple of weeks I will be blogging about my new book “Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success!” and sharing excerpts of the 16 chapters with you. RYP is the culmination of four years of research and training that I have done and I’m very proud of the result!

The book can be read easily in a weekend but I encourage you to read each chapter and then reflect on the note section and “to do list” that you’ll find. Many of the suggested activities involve you talking with others who know you well and with peers in your workplace or industry. Treat each chapter like a mini-workshop and fully complete it before moving on to the next. RYP is built like a house – foundation, walls, roof, interior completion and finishing touches. Follow the plan, grow your knowledge and then move ahead to the next phase.

Today, we’ll take a look at Chapters 7 and 8:

Chapter 7 – “Intensity”

This chapter takes on the second “I” of the VOWELS – Intensity. Intensity at work is like the gas pedal in your car – you can’t jump in your vehicle, start it, push the accelerator to the floor and keep it there all the way to work. There are hundreds of obstacles in your path and you’ll probably crash into something well before arriving at your office! The same is true of your work day- you must know when and how to be intense, and strive for an even amount of laser focus and relaxation each day.

I started talking about work/life balance almost 5 years ago and now you hear about it everywhere. Companies have instituted “wellness plans” where they want you to sleep better, eat better, work out more, stop smoking, learn to deal with stress more effectively, etc. The reason is that your body is not built for constant stress and max intensity levels all day:

“Life is really about 3 distinct parts that make up a whole person: 1- your reason for being- your work, your craft, your passion; 2- those around you that you care for and that care for you; 3- rest and relaxation for your body, mind and spirit. If you start mixing the three segments of your life and let them bleed into one another, the consequences can be devastating. Hard work is fine. In fact, hard work is cathartic and uplifting in its own right. However if that’s all you do 12-16 hours per day, then  you have neglected either the folks around you that you love, or you have not given your body and mind time to heal properly from the tasks of the day.

I view the distinctive parts of one’s life as 3 colors on a pallet- red, yellow and blue. These colors are vibrant on their own and beautiful to look at. When they start to bleed together, the color dims, and the appearance is muted. If they become swirled together, the pallet turns into an icky color of orange or brown, with no crisp edges or defining elements. This is what happens to your life if you let your work, your loved ones, and your rest bleed into one another. Life becomes less colorful, less brilliant, and far less enjoyable for you and those around you!”

Chapter 8 – “Outlook”

In chapter 8, the part of your Attitude that other folks can truly see becomes the focus – your Outlook. Your outlook is your set of expectations or beliefs about things and people. It’s basically your mental picture of the future. It’s the part of your attitude that is not only internalized but surfaces brilliantly as a calling card for others to see. You must learn to control this vital VOWEL because this is the beginning of your professional legacy – the part others see in their minds when your name comes up:

“The good news here is that optimism is contagious. Positive ions attract positive ions. If you load a positive attitude into your computer, you will print out positive friends, coworkers, colleagues, clients and loved ones. That makes the formula for creating a truly great outlook pretty easy, right? Think good thoughts, put them deep into your psyche, and voila, you will have an amazing outlook on life!

Oh, were it that easy my friend! The speed bumps on your road to pure happiness are the negative influences all around the positive space you have tried to create for yourself. At work, the rabbit hole of negativity used to be at the water cooler – now it’s at the coffee pot. If the negative folks get coffee at 9am, you get yours at 8:30am…or 9:30am…or you bring your own coffee – but stay away from them! Unless you are strong enough in your positivity to pull them onto the life raft of a good outlook, paddle away from them – fast!”

In the next blog, we’ll take a look at Chapters 9 and 10. To order the book or the E-book now, go to my website at and look for the link on the Homepage or go to the Products page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at


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