Reach YOUR Peak! Inside Scoop #3

RYP CoverOver the next couple of weeks I will be blogging about my new book “Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success!” and sharing excerpts of the 16 chapters with you. RYP is the culmination of four years of research and training that I have done and I’m very proud of the result!

The book can be read easily in a weekend but I encourage you to read each chapter and then reflect on the note section and “to do list” that you’ll find. Many of the suggested activities involve you talking with others who know you well and with peers in your workplace or industry. Treat each chapter like a mini-workshop and fully complete it before moving on to the next. RYP is built like a house – foundation, walls, roof, interior completion and finishing touches. Follow the plan, grow your knowledge and then move ahead to the next phase.

Today, we’ll take a look at Chapters 5 and 6:

Chapter 5 – “Effort”

This chapter covers the second “E” of the VOWELS – Effort. Many folks have told me that they thought that Energy (Chapter 4) and Effort are the same thing. They are similar but both are necessary and inextricably linked to each other. Think of Energy as a battery pack on your back and Effort is the push button that sets the Energy flowing. You can push the button all day long but if there’s nothing in the battery, nothing will happen. Conversely, you can have a full battery but if you don’t decide to put it to use, nothing will happen. You need both to be successful.

One of the things that will happen once you read the book is that VOWELS will come alive in every day life for you. I didn’t make them up, they are in our lexicon, and you will often hear them in sports:

“For instance, during the NBA Finals match-up between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks, NBA Analyst Mark Jackson said, “That’s ENERGY, that’s EFFORT, that’s passion! And that’s how you win!” He was describing the full throttle mode that Dallas displayed in their NBA championship-clinching win. He broke up these two VOWELS – he separated them into different thought groups. He has often used them in combination to show two of the facets necessary for teams to excel.

What he was basically saying is that you must focus on what you can control- the effort you bring to your work- every day. You won’t always be on top of your game, but if you put fuel in your vehicle, turn the key to start your car, and keep your eyes on the road ahead – you will be successful!”

Chapter 6 – “Integrity”

In chapter 6, I turn the spotlight on one of the most important VOWELS – Integrity. Let’s face it, Integrity is about being honest. In business your Integrity is the only real calling card that you have to offer. If people can’t trust you, it doesn’t matter how great your product or idea is it will never be utilized.

Your business legacy is built upon your reputation and if your reputation is not pristine, your business legacy will precede you – in an incredibly negative way:

“If you must choose between your reputation and making money- choose your reputation! If you must make a difficult decision to tell a client or manager that you did something wrong – knowing that it might cost you or the company money – tell them immediately! You must think long-term and present the right idea regardless of the short-term hurdles that might come up!

You must put yourself in the place of the prospect or teammate, how would you want to be treated? With respect, honesty, and a high level of integrity? Or with disdain, disregard, and a general lack of caring? Of course, you’d want the former, and you must set a standard of service and respect that is beyond reproach.”

In the next blog, we’ll take a look at Chapters 7 and 8. To order the book or the E-book now, go to my website at and look for the link on the Homepage or go to the Products page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at


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